The E-MTB competition is a new concept in the MTB Triad program and a field that we want to develop in the years to come. This first edition will be a test, both for us and for the participants, which will be the basis of the direction we will follow in the coming years. The concept conceived by Tudor Oprea for this year is an original one but borrows ideas from other disciplines of mountain biking and not only.

The competition itself will have 2 stages, both on Saturday, the final ranking being given by the cumulative time of the two.

Competitors will only be able to use one battery during the day and we recommend that it has a minimum capacity of 500 WHr. On Saturday morning, between 8 and 8:30, the contestants will pick up their start numbers from the Race office (Brukenthal Palace) on which occasion they must have with them the battery they will use in the contest and the charger they will hand over to the organizer. They will be marked with each competitor’s number. We recommend a minimum of 4A charger.

Starting at 9 o’clock, the contestants will take the official start from the Brukenthal Palace in groups of 2, at an interval of 1 minute. From here they will have a connecting segment of 10.5 km on asphalt that they have to travel in 30 minutes. The first timed special test of the day follows. The PS1 route currently displayed on the site will be partially reconfigured due to the snow that still persists at the top. We will be back as soon as possible with technical details about the route.

After the completion of the first special race, the competitors will arrive at The Snowdrop Guesthouse where the battery charging park will be arranged. The chargers will be brought by the organizer and the charging period will be 3 hours.

Starting at 3 p.m., it will depart for the second special test, this time with a 5 km connecting segment on a mostly unpaved road. The arrival will be at the former Mârșa plant from where the competitors will return on their own to the Brukenthal Avrig Palace using the county road 105G. This special 2nd has a length of 29 kilometers and a positive level difference of about 1,300 meters.

During each special race there will be a Super Special, a short and technical area, in the climb, where competitors who do not put their foot down will receive a 1-minute bonus.

It should be noted that, apart from the special tests, competitors are obliged to comply with the traffic rules of the segments on which they move.

E-MTB Triad Program:

Saturday 22 MAY 2021
08:00 – 08:30 Pick-up numbers (Race office – Brukenthal Avrig Palace)
09:00 – Official Start Triad E-MTB Avrig
09:30 – PS1 First competitor start
12:00 – 15:00 RECHARGE PARK open
15:15 – PS2 first competitor start
18:30 – Awards Ceremony