Laboratoires URGO is a Company of French origin, whose main mission is to identify the need for health care for consumers and patients, in order to be able to offer innovative solutions based on technology and scientific research. Citeste mai departe

The history of this company dates back to 1890 and began with the opening of a store by Eugene Fournier, following after 4 years to be laid the foundations of the factory that is located on Jouvence Street in Dijon, France.

The URGO brand was born in 1958, being followed in 1963 by the appearance of the HUMEX brand, and then in 1996 by the HUMER brand that in 2008 Laboratoires Urgo to bring on the market alvityl.

Tiemme is an international leader in the production and sale of hydro-thermo-sanitary products.

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The experience and capacity for innovation, creativity and products manufactured exclusively made in Italy, tradition and culture, attention to services and the environment are the strengths that give rise to the solutions for the thermo-hydraulic installations provided by Tiemme, a perfect association between the technical competences acquired and the high quality of the materials used.

These aspects allowed Tiemme to develop in time an extensive catalog of products, becoming in the field of installations a “complete supplier”, able to cover the most varied requirements in the field of thermo-hydraulics.


GLS Group offers reliable and high-quality parcel delivery services to over 240,000 customers, complemented by express delivery and delivery services. The “quality leader in shipment logistics” is the pillar principle of GLS. Read more

Through wholly owned and partner companies, GLS Group covers 40 countries and is globally connected through contractual agreements. Through its terrestrial network, GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. GLS Group also operates through wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada and on the U.S. west coast. The GLS network consists of approximately 70 central and regional transhipment points and approximately 1,400 warehouses supported by approximately 28,000 end mile delivery vehicles and approximately 4,000 long-distance trucks. GLS employs around 19,000 people. In fiscal year 2019/20 GLS generated revenues of 3.6 billion euros and delivered 667 million shipments.

Geiger, it all started as a family business in 1923. Today, the Geiger group of companies has branches in Germany, Austria and Romania and has 1800 employees. Citeste mai departe

In Romania we are active especially in Transylvania in the field of construction, raw materials and ecological technologies.

Through everything we do we invest in Romania. We always encourage good initiatives, attract challenges and trust in our ability to overcome obstacles. For these reasons and because we support the performance, we have been from the very beginning the partners of the ProCycling Team and of the GEIGER MTB Challenge marathon.

The Bosch Group is a global leader in the provision of technologies and services. It has approximately 375,000 employees worldwide (status as of December 31, 2015). Citeste mai departe

According to preliminary figures, the company generated sales of more than 70 billion euros in 2015. Its operations are structured in four sectors of activity: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Technology for Construction and Energy.

The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its nearly 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in approximately 60 countries. By including commercial and service partners, Bosch is represented in approximately 150 countries. This international network of development, production and sale is the foundation of the continuous growth of the German concern. In 2015, Bosch applied for nearly 5,400 patents internationally. The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to deliver innovations for a connected life. Through all its products and services, Bosch enhances the quality of life worldwide, offering solutions that are innovative and exciting. In this way, the company offers worldwide “Technique for a lifetime”.

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Blockchain technology will revolutionize the economy just as the internet has revolutionized communication. Financial transactions will be instantaneous, direct, without commission, limits or other restrictions. Citește mai departe

On the blockchain, value transfers are made in seconds at negligible costs, and anyone can instantly trade with anyone, anytime.

Discover the blockchain network that operates on an internet scale, at speeds more than 1,000 times higher than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Learn more about NFTs, tokens, digital contracts, and blockchain technology that will change the internet.


Behind the name of MAPEI is the story of an Italian family and a business idea that gave birth to a strong Group. Citeste mai departe

A 75-year tradition unites the Squinzi family and the MAPEI brand.

Mapei’s name comes from the abbreviation of the words in Italian for “Auxiliary Materials for Construction and Industry”.

The firm was founded on February 12, 1937, in Milan, Italy, ar currently MAPEI is the world leader in the production of adhesives and chemicals for construction.

Currently, the group has 68 subsidiaries with 60 factories in more than 29 countries on 5 continents, 18 research and development laboratories with over 900 researchers involved and a wide range of 1400 products. Annually, 5% of the group’s turnover is invested in Research and Development, and 70% of the activity of this department is focused on the development of eco-sustainable products, which do not include solvents and pollutants, protecting both the environment and the applicant and the final beneficiary.

MAPEI is proud of the over 150 Eco products that comply with LEED requirements, thus being the largest range of environmentally friendly products in the construction industry.

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