Contact person responsible for organizing and coordinating the application of the established protocols: Tudor Oprea 0726.34.98.97

A. When preparing for the event

1. In order to limit as much as possible the number of those who are exposed to a potential risk of infection, only persons whose presence is absolutely necessary will participate in the organization and conduct of competitions.
2. The organizer provides protective equipment (mask, gloves) for all the staff involved in organizing the competition.
3. The organizer ensures the hand sanitizing measures with approved / authorized biocidal products at the entrance to the event space for all participants;
4. The organizer will place in a visible place in all the spaces used by competitors written announcements / informative posters regarding the rules of hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene, practicing social responsibility through social distancing and monitoring of their own health;
5. At the place of organizing the sports event, the medical staff performs the digital thermometrization of the people involved in the competition (athletes, referees, coaches, volunteers, etc.). In case of a temperature above 37.3 °C, it shall be reported to the coordinator of the event in order to isolate the suspicious case, with immediate notification of the Public Health Directorate and the other competent authorities;
6. Ensuring the periodic disinfection of the elements used by several people (e.g. door handles, reception, floors, etc.) with biocides approved / authorized for this purpose;
7. The organizer will ensure the placement in the sanitary groups of soap dispensers, dispensers with disinfectant solutions, as well as disposable hygienic towels (made of paper). It will also ensure the periodic disinfection of the sanitary groups with approved / authorized biocidal products.

B. At race office

1. The numbers and starter packs are taken over by each personal competitor only on the basis of an identity document. For children they are picked up by one of the parents.
2. Access to the Race office will be restricted to a maximum of 3 people (outside the staff) at the same time. The wait will be organized in such a way that the distance of 2 m between the participants can be respected.
3. At the entrance to the Race office, wearing a protective mask and disinfecting hands are mandatory.
4. The race office will be constantly ventilated.
5. Staff members will always wear a mask and gloves at race office.

C. During the event

1. An event area within which the rules set out below apply will be delineated. Access to the event area is made through a single point.
2. It is forbidden the access of the spectators in the delimited area for the event. Access to the area will be allowed only to athletes, their staff and people in the organization.
3. Each team can have in the event area a staff consisting of a maximum of 5 people. Each minor may be accompanied by a single parent. Their registration will be done prior to the event by an e-mail at the address
4. All participants (athletes, coaches, staff, referees, organizers, volunteers, representatives of the press, etc.) will be subjected daily to an epidemiological triage consisting of filling in a questionnaire and thermoscanning in order to facilitate a possible epidemiological investigation. This will be done at the triage point located at the entrance to the event area and each participant will receive a colorful bracelet for the day. The access of the participants in the area is forbidden without passing through the triage point.
5. All participants will wear a mask as long as they are in the area bounded for the event, including athletes on the starting grid.
6. The arrangement on the starting grid will be done respecting the distance of 2m between competitors.
7. The organizer will provide water and other energy products on the route, observing strict rules of sanitary hygiene.
8. The organizer will provide each athlete with an individual protection set that includes a mask and disinfectant gel;
9. The organizer will provide in the event area special bins with lid and specific inscription for sanitary protection materials.
10. The organizer will ensure that for all participants the conditions are created in order to be able to respect the physical distance of 2 meters.

D. Procedures in the event of detection of a suspected case of COVID-19

The organizer will provide an isolation space for at least one person with COVID-19 symptoms, who is well ventilated, does not communicate with other premises or defined spaces; the utility is to isolate from the people present at the competition, any person who presents symptoms until a specialized consultation / testing / evacuation. The eventual suspicious case is immediately announced to the medical staff at the place of the competition and the local Public Health Department and the emergency service 112 are mandatory informed. This room is used only for such a situation.
E. Recommendations for participants
1. The registration and payment of the registration fee will be made only online.
2. All participants (athletes, volunteers, officials, etc.) must monitor their health status and strictly observe the basic measures to protect against COVID-19, such as hand hygiene, physical distancing, avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth, observing respiratory hygiene and observing the recommendations to stay at home and seek medical attention, if there are symptoms specific to the disease.
3. The transport of the participants to and from the event area (Platoș Păltiniș Arena) is recommended to be done using their personal car. If buses/ minibuses are used, the regulations of the Order of the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications and of the Minister of Health no. 984/829/2020 on the measures to prevent contamination with the new SARS-CoV-2 virus and to ensure the carrying out of activities in safe sanitary conditions in the field of transport, during the alert state (Annex 2, MEASURES AND RULES that must be implemented in the field of road transport of people, during the alert state, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19);
4. It is recommended that the participants arrive at different times at the venue of the competition, in order to avoid crowding people at certain points.
5. If the participants in the competition stay for several days, their accommodation will be made in compliance with the Order of the Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment and of the Minister of Health no. 1731/832/2020 on the measures to prevent contamination with the new coronavirus SARS CoV-2 and to ensure the development of activities in safe sanitary conditions in the field of economy, during the state of alert (Annex no. 3, RECOMMENDATIONS on the functioning of the touristic reception structures with accommodation functions).
6. During and after the event:
– participants must keep a physical distance of at least 2 m between people or at least 7 sqm for one person in order to limit the possibility of spreading Sars-COV-2;
– participants must comply with hygiene rules (e.g. using a disposable handkerchief in case of coughing or sneezing, avoiding the exchange of sports equipment, soap, water bottles and other personal items between competitors, avoiding physical contact – handshakes, hugs at the end of the event).