The 45-kilometer route has already become a classic in the list of competitions in Romania. It is a route introduced in the avrig MTB Triad program from the very beginning, in 2015. Even if it has undergone some changes over the years, the basic idea has remained the same – a beautiful and complex route that has everything: asphalt, forest road, a lot of singletrack, steep climbs, technical descents. The first 2 kilometers, until the entrance to the Avrig dam will be neutralized and the technical start will be given on the way after the railway crossing.

The route has a level difference of about 900m and 1 point of feeding and hydration at kilometer 22. In the final part we have about 6 kilometers on the racovita dam, a flat area that still has its charm and where strategy can play an important role for those who are fighting for a place on the podium.

On the route of 45, the following categories will compete: Male Cadets (with FRC license), Female Cadets (with FRC license), Male Juniors (with FRC license), Junior Women (with FRC license), Male Amateurs 19-29 years old, Male Amateurs 30-39 years old, Male >Amateurs 40 years old, Female >Amateurs 19 years old.
The winners of these categories will wear the white TIEMME jersey, one of our trusted partners, on the podium!

Saturday 22 MAY
15:00 – 17:00 Get Numbers

Sunday 23 May 2021
08:00 – 09:00 Numbers pickup
10:30 – Start
16:00 – Award Ceremony