Special test 2 (PS 2) will start in the same place where PS 1 ended, that is, in the former Mârșa plant 2 km from the battery charging point.
In the first part it travels in reverse 9.5 km of PS 1, then turn left on a new descent. It is a descent on an edge that includes 2 very steep segments where it is important to descend with increased attention and control the speed well. The end is on a crossbeam exposed above the river after which it descends to the river and climbs briefly and steeply towards the stop point of the timer.
From here you have a kilometer to the point of feeding. The start of the next special race, PS 3, is 4 km away and you have an hour to get there. The 4 km are on a forest road that initially descends to the point of supply then climbs about 250m difference in level.