Friday 06 MAY 2022

12:00 – 13:45 Pick-up numbers (Mârșa – XCT start area)
14:00 – Start the first competitor – Stage 1 – Time Trial (XCT)
17:30 – Award ceremony (Avrig center)

Saturday 07 MAY 2022

10:00 – Start Stage 2 – Point to point (XCP)

14:00 – Award ceremony

Sunday 08 MAY 2022
10:30 – Start Stage 3 – Marathon (XCM)
16:00 – Award Ceremony


Pick-up of starter packs

The start packages will be picked up on Friday between 12 and 13:45 from the XCT start area (Mârșa locality, Metropolis factory).

Start procedures

The start of the first day will be in Mârșa in the courtyard of the Metropolis factory. The start of stages 2 and 3 will be in the center of Avrig, in front of the City Hall.

Stage 1 (XCT): Competitors will start 1 minute apart from each other according to the starting list. Those who are not at the start at the scheduled time can take the start later, when the starting referee allows them, but no later than the last competitor. The delayed competitor’s time is still reported at the initial start time.

Arrival at the time trial is at the Augusta Brewery, so after arrival you are expecting a beer directly from the source.

Stage 2 (XCP): competitors will be arranged at the start according to the results of the first stage in 2 zones, Elite and the rest of the competitors. The start will be neutralized for the first 2 km, until the exit of Avrig (crossing over the bridge).

Stage 3 (XCM): competitors will be arranged at the start according to the General Leaderboard after stage 2, in 2 zones, Elite and the rest of the competitors. The start will be neutralized for the first 2 km, until the exit from Avrig (crossing over the railway).

For stages 2 and 3 the arrangement at the start will be:

  • Elite competitors in order of ranking
  • competing at the Women’s Open in order of ranking
  • amateur competitions in order of ranking


  • Black arrows on a yellow background
  • Shimano tape
  • Orange flags
  • blue spray

Power points

Stage 2 – 2 power points: KM 15, KM 27
Stage 3 – 3 power points: KM 22, KM 39, KM 51

Competitors can leave cans at the organizer (Race office) for the filling points. The visible BIB number must be written on the bottle.
Stage 2 / 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. at race office, maximum 2 cans (1 for each PA)
Sunday 8:30 – 9:30 at race office, maximum 3 cans (1 for each PA)

Time limits

Stage 2 – 12:30 KM 27 – competitors who do not fit will be directed to arrival and will receive the time of the last ranked + 10%
Stage 3 – 13:30 KM 38 – competitors who do not fit will be directed to arrival and will receive the time of the last ranked + 10%

Timing, results and rankings

Electronic timing with disposable chip. The results will be available online after each stage.

In case of damage the number announced to the Race office to be replaced for the next stage.

The overall ranking will be generated by aggregating the times from the 3 stages.
If a competitor does not finish a stage he will be able to start the next day, but will be ranked as DNF at the stage race.

The railway crossing from the last day is supervised by the referees. If a train passes the referees will stop you and time the time you spend there to be subtracted from your final time. Failure to comply with the rules and indications of the referees at the railway crossing entails disqualification.

The leader’s jersey

After each stage, the leader in the overall men’s and women’s standings will be awarded the URGO blue jersey. The leader of the general classification is required to wear that jersey in the next stage.


In case of an accident, notify the organizer as soon as possible. By phone (if you have) to the emergency number on the bib number, or to the first referee. By phone, try to communicate the location as accurately as possible.


A video description of the routes in stages 2 and 3 can be found at these links.

Stage 2 –

Stage 3 –

Stage 1 – XCT – Starting list

14:00 30 Patriche Adina Evergreen Biking Team
14:01 18 Rimniceanu Roxana HPM – Pro Mountain Sports
14:02 28 Bondor Salome Living Bike Faresin Team
14:03 41 Hilbert Suzanne NoMad Merida CST
14:04 50 Coated Mihnea Scott ProCycling Romania
14:05 49 Sighiartau Otniel Super Bike Team Bistrita
14:06 48 Bia Sebastian Vasile ACS Transilvania MTB
14:07 47 Tucaliuc Constantine Real Sports
14:08 46 Tudora D
14:09 45 Marin Marian NoMad Merida CST
14:10 44 Tailor Ionut HPM – Pro Mountain Sports
14:11 43 Gheduzzi Ulisse Living Bike Faresin Team
14:12 42 Bancsov T Bike Point Racing
14:13 40 M Sebastian Valentin
14:14 39 Marasescu Adrian Bulls pROject
14:15 38 Nadia Cristian Bulls pROject
14:16 37 Ionascu Marius MausBike/ Tibiscus Team
14:17 36 King Evil
14:18 35 Ghimpu Daniel Living Bike Faresin Team
14:19 34 Ilyés Ferenc VSK Udvarhely – CSM Odorhei
14:20 33 Csáka István
14:21 32 Damian Radu Nomad Merida CST
14:22 31 Fekete Andreas Robert
14:23 29 Cociuba Teo living bike faresin team
14:24 27 Fodor Ferenc Bike Point Racing
14:25 26 laszlo Csongor CSM Odorheiu Secuiesc
14:26 25 Elekes Istvan VSK Székelyudvarhely
14:27 24 Mocanu Eugene HPM – Pro Mountain Sports
14:28 23 Adam Andrei
14:29 22 Patriche Michael ACS Evergreen Biking Team
14:30 21 Michael Mircea Ioan LIVING BIKE FARESIN TEAM
14:31 20 sraer robert
14:32 19 T M HPM Pro Mountain Sports Iasi
14:33 17 Denies Lucian Velox Cycling Team
14:34 16 Verigeanu Victor Catalin COZIA RACING TEAM
14:35 15 Teach Razvan HPM Pro Mountain Sports
14:36 14 Mahmud Adrian CSM Medgidia
14:37 13 Simion sabin HPM
14:38 12 Szabó Ábel Scott ProCycling Romania
14:39 11 Buta Catalin Scott ProCycling Romania
14:40 10 gosse van der meer Bombtrack Bicyles p/b Hunt Wheels
14:41 9 Daniel Vlad Scott ProCycling Romania
14:42 8 Molnár Ede-Károly Dinamo- BikeXpert Superbet Racing Team
14:43 7 Kubat Edward Scott ProCycling Romania
14:44 6 Cazaceanu Tudor Dynamo-BikeXpert Racing Team
14:45 5 Husariu Alexander-Sabin Dinamo Bikexpert Superbet
14:46 4 Belly Roberto-Demetrius CSU Scott
14:47 3 Greek Răzvan CSU Scott
14:48 2 Logigan Lucian CSU Scott
14:49 1 Duca Bogdan Bikexpert Superbet Racing Team