The competition for electrically assisted bicycles (eMTB) at this edition of the Avrig MTB Triad will take place on the red route, BUT!

The competitors from eMTB will leave from the starting line (Avrig city center) anytime between 9:15 and 9:45, announcing to the referee at the start that they are present at the competition. From here they will go to the timed start on their own responsibility respecting all traffic rules. There are 8 km on asphalt on DJ 104G (Avrig – Săcădate – Nucet), only good for heating, and the participants. Make sure you understand where you need to go or ask for details before leaving Avrig.

The timed start will be given at 10:00 at the exit of the road and will be for all competitors at once.

Arrival (stopping the competition time) will be at kilometer 32, after the descent “Slide”. From this point on, the competitors will continue to go through the red route to the arrival area in Avrig.

The refueling points on the red route are also valid for eMTB, respectively at km 22 (km 14 timed) and 1 kilometer after stopping the time where competitors will be able to recover from the effort and go further to Avrig.

The timed route is therefore 24 kilometers long and can be covered without problems with a single battery!

  • Only “pedelec” bicycles, bicycles whose electric motor provides assistance only when the user pedals, are accepted.
  • Bicycles MUST be limited to engine assistance up to 25 km/h. Failure to comply with this rule leads to disqualification.
  • Bicycles can be checked by the organizer at any time during the competition.