On Saturday, April 13, the contests for children within the Avrig MTB Triad will take place.

The main purpose of these competitions is to get as many children as possible to pedal in a relaxed atmosphere without emphasis on competitiveness!

The children’s route is a 1.8 km long circuit, has no major difficulties and is drawn in the center of Avrig and the garden of the Brukenthal Palace. The start will be given from the front of the city hall and several laps will be completed depending on the category. Children in categories D2 and D1 will have to travel a shorter route, respectively 1.2 km

The route can be traveled by children for reconnaissance on Saturday morning between 9:00 and 11:00. On Friday afternoon, the route will be only partially marked, marking the area on the streets after 5 p.m. So on Friday you won’t be able to walk through the areas on the streets. Please keep this in mind as the traffic will be open.

The bib numbers will also be able to be picked up on Saturday between 9:00 and 11:00.

The start will be given separately for each category, the call to start being made in alphabetical order. Each category will have a certain amount of time to go through. After that time runs out, all children will be stopped when crossing the finish line.

Schedule and race times:

12:00 – D2 category start – 8 minutes competition time

12:30 – start of category D1 – competition time 10 minutes

13:00 – start category C – competition time 20 minutes

13:45 – start category B – competition time 30 minutes

14:35 – start category A – competition time 40 minutes

The awarding will take place at 16:00 in the courtyard of avrig city hall. The awarding will not be made on the seats, all the children in each category will be called to the podium and will receive prizes. Please do not miss the prizes 😊 !!

The rankings and times made will be visible on the www.triadamtb.ro.

We are waiting for you to have fun!!