It is a suitable route for those with low to medium experience in mountain biking. Participants on the blue route must be able to complete a competition lasting between 1h 30min. and 2h 30min., depending on their preparation. On this route will compete the following categories:

  • Male cadets – licensed
  • Female cadets – licensed
  • Amateur Male 17 – 18 years (born 2004, 2005) – without license
  • Amateur Female 17 – 18 years (born 2004, 2005) – without license
  • Amateur Male > 19 years old – no license
  • Amateur Female > 19 years old – no license

The length of the Blue route is 30 kilometers and has a positive level difference of about 450 meters.

The participants who opt for this route will start on Sunday, April 14, at 11:30 in the center of Avrig, along with the competitors who will participate on the blue route. The first kilometer, until the exit from the city, will be covered in neutralized mode and the official start of the competition will be given immediately after crossing a bridge.

Shortly after the start (approx. 1.5 km), the competitors will also meet with the first climb. It is about 2 kilometers long and is the most demanding in the route. Next comes a veiled area, with a single trail drawn on the area we call “Savannah.” At kilometer 6, the yellow path is separated from the blue path. At this point the competitors on the blue route will turn left while the competitors on the yellow route will go straight ahead.

At the end of the savannah, about kilometer 9.5, we have a slightly more difficult descent at the end of which you will cross a small stream.

Next at kilometer 11 is the first refueling point.

The next 9 kilometers cover one of the most beautiful route segments of the Avrig MTB Triad, including a new section of route introduced this year. At the end of the descent we have the second power point, at kilometer 19.5.

The last part of the route no longer presents major difficulties, either physically or technically. The only challenges are crossing the river at kilometer 22 and crossing the railway bridge 26.5. Crossing this bridge is recommended to do it next to the bike.

Areas that take place on public roads must be traveled carefully and in compliance with traffic rules. The route crosses 2 paved county roads, at kilometer 25.5 and 27.5. These crossings are secured by route referees together with road service agents, but competitors must insure themselves before crossing.

You can find the map, profile and gpx file of the route in the “Routes” section.

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