It is a route recommended for those who have a good experience in mountain biking and a very good physical training. The competition held on the black track is this year the first stage of the Romanian XCM Cup (Cross Country Marathon). On this route will compete the following categories:

  • Amateur Men 19-29 years
  • Amateur Men 30-39 years
  • Amateur Male 40-49 years
  • Amateur Male >50 years
  • Amateur Women > 19 years
  • Elite

The length of the Black route is 68 kilometers and has a positive elevation difference of about 1,400 meters.

The start will be on Sunday, April 14, at 10:30, from the center of Avrig, together with the competitors who will participate on the red route. The first 2 kilometers will be covered in neutralized mode, the competitors crossing DN1 at the exit of the city. The official start of the competition will be given on the way after crossing over the railway.

The first climb is on asphalt and starts from Săcădate, continuing in the direction of Nucet. At the exit of the asphalt, the 8th kilometer of the route, the climb continues off-road. The first more technical descent we have at kilometer 9. At the 19th kilometer we have a difficult descent “La Ferm”, with steep segments and off-camber sections where competitors are advised to descend with increased attention.
The next 9 kilometers are on pasture areas that do not pose much trouble from a technical point of view. At the proximity of DN1, before the Poiana Bradului motel, the competitors suddenly turn left and enter the forest. At the beginning and end of this area, which we called “Tunnel”, we have 2 short and steep descents. Especially the first of them could pose problems if the route is wet.
After passing under DN1, there is a short climb before the first refuelling point, at kilometer 22. Competitors who reach this point after 12:45 will be transported to the finish by the organizers and will be ranked after the last competitor who finishes the entire route.
The climb continues after the refueling point, followed by a descent down a valley and then approaching the steepest climb on the route, the special prize Adicons. This segment starts at kilometer 25, has a length of 900m and a difference in level of about 150 meters. The best times for men and women will be awarded by sponsor Adicons with 500 lei each. The rankings are common with the competitors on the red route and are given by the Strava app where competitors will have to download the tour as soon as possible after the end of the competition. This segment will be clearly highlighted at the beginning and at the end.

Next comes 5 kilometers of wavy trail, predominantly downhill, where we also have a new segment of single trail introduced this year. The last descent, the “Slide”, is a steep area, without bumps, without corners, with enough braking space at the end but which at first glance might scare some competitors. That is why we recommend approaching it with increased attention.
It crosses a field after which competitors will travel a short portion (500m) on the county road 105G. Since the road traffic is not stopped on this segment, competitors have the obligation to go on the right side and to comply with the traffic rules. At the exit of the road, the 33rd kilometer of the route, we have the 2nd point of supply.

For the 5 kilometers of pier that follow it would not be bad to join a group. At the end of the pier, the black trail is separated from the red trail. At this point the competitors on the black route will turn right and those on the red route will turn left. Also, at this point, located at kilometer 38 , competitors arriving after 13:30 will be directed to the red route and ranked on the red route.

Immediately after the point of separation of routes, a railway is crossed, where, if a train passes, competitors will be stopped and lost time will be deducted from the final time. Then a county road is crossed. The route passes by the village of Mârșa and follows 2 kilometers that are covered twice. After the first pass, that is, at kilometer 41.5, the competitors will turn right and enter the 6 kilometers of the Savannah.

At the end of Svana the route passes for about 1 km through the tourist area Valea Avrigului and then, at km 50, we have the 3rd supply point.

The next 9 kilometers cover one of the most beautiful route segments of the Avrig MTB Triad, including a new section of route introduced this year. At the end of the descent we have the fourth refueling point, at kilometer 58.5.

At the end of the route, it is also worth mentioning the crossing over the railway bridge at km 65.5, which we recommend you to do next to the bicycle, and the road crossings at km 64.5 and km 66.5 where competitors are asked to be careful even if the crossing is made with the support of road service agents.

You can find the map, profile and gpx file of the route in the “Routes” section.

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